Statement on Cabinet Reshuffle by Consultation of Christian Churches

It is with a sense of deep grief and righteous anger that we received the news today of our President’s firing of the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, amidst a host of cabinet reshuffles.

These decisions are unprincipled and based on self-preservation, greed and corruption to continue with an unprecedented run of the looting of state institutions that now includes the Treasury.

Our young and hard fought-for democracy faces its biggest challenge yet.

President Jacob Zuma refuses to listen to repeated calls for him to step down. Therefore we are faced with no alternative but to call for the Members of our Parliament, especially those in the ANC who stand for what is right, to do the right thing now and to remove him. The looting must stop. Our people are suffering. We need leaders of integrity at the top who will use power and state resources to serve all our citizens with sacrificial and ethical leadership.

We call on South Africa to protest peacefully. We call on those in captured institutions to stand up against corruption. We call on all Churches to pray to God for a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Enough is enough. This looting must stop. This statement is by the Executive of the Consultation of Christian Churches with all its members endorsing this statement.

Pastor Barry Isaacs (secretary).