Western Cape Ecumenical Network reik verklaring uit oor komende verkiesing

Tydens die afgelope vergadering van die WCEN is `n verklaring aanvaar wat ‘n duidelike morele standpunt oor die komende verkiesing formuleer. Dit roep politieke partye op tot verantwoordbaarheid, bepleit ‘n sekere kultuur waarbinne die verkiesing vry en regverdig sal wees en rig ook ‘n bepaalde versoek aan die OVK. Die verklaring wil ook individuele gemeentes en kerke help om hul profetiese stem in die dae duidelik te formuleer. Lees die volle verklaring hier:

The WCEN calls for the political tolerance, and respect for every citizen’s constitutional right to vote without fear, favor, intimidation, manipulation or coercion in the upcoming elections on 8th May 2019.

We pray for a government that will be democratically elected by the people, that will comprise of the people and will serve the common good of all the people of our beautiful nation.

We pray for elected leaders, who will have the fear of God, who are competent to do the job, who are honest and incorruptible. May we elect people who will carry their office with the ethics, the character, that it deserves.

We call on the IEC to play their role without compromise. We call on political parties to honor the electoral code of conduct and co-operate fully. We call on the media, and especially the public broadcaster to be truly independent. We call for an end to a culture of fear, intimidation and political violence in far too many communities. We call on religious leaders to be impartial, to serve as elections observers, and to refrain from forming unholy alliances with political leaders. We call on citizens to refrain from fake news, hate speech, or attacking a person instead of debating issues objectively.

Let us all value our constitutional democracy. Let us go out and vote with purpose.

Die Sentrum vir Pubieke Getuienis kan gekontak word by of 021 957 7202.

Maart 2019